Love Our Planet

"Our Planet, our Home needs your help. Please join us to save, protect and love our Home. "
"我们的地球,我们的家需要你的帮助。请幫手救護和愛護我们的家 ."

About Us

We are a 501 ( c ) (3) nonprofit organization in California, USA. We conduct studies, researches and clinical trials on herbs and herbal formulas based on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory; through our community clinics, we provide acupuncture and herbal treatments to the public including the homeless, victims from natural disasters and low-income families. Moreover, we help fight pollution by promoting eco-friently cobb houses, permaculture and green energy educating the public to live a natural and healthy lifestyle which generate less or no pollution. We care about others and our Planet and welcome those who have similar visions and passion to join us.