Love Our Planet

"Our Planet, our Home needs your help. Please join us to save, protect and love our Home. "
"我们的地球,我们的家需要你的帮助。请幫手救護和愛護我们的家 ."

Our Mission

We conduct studies, researches and clinical trials on herbs and herbal formulas based on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory; through our community clinics, we provide acupuncture and herbal treatments to the public including the homeless, victims from natural disasters and low-income families. Moreover, we help fight pollution by promoting eco-friently cobb houses, permaculture and green energy educating the public to live a natural and healthy lifestyle which generate less or no pollution. 
Volunteers are Welcome!!! Please sign up and help.

Mission Possible 

Herbal Formula Research for CoronaVirus (COVID-19) (中药方剂研究:新冠肺炎病毒)

Since the beginning of year 2020, We have been devoting our resources and time to come up with a herbal formula to alleviate symptoms from Coronavirus infection. As of May 1, 2020, we finalized a herbal formula with 9 herbs with Gui Zhi, Huang Qin and Fu Ling as the chief ingridients.

By the end of May, 2020, we will start helping COVID -19 patients with the herbal formula, and we will collect and analyze clinical data in order to further improve its efficacy. For patients' convenience, we will strive to turn the formula into tea bags or herbal granules.

Your donation and support today will help save lives and make a big difference tomorrow. Appreciate!

Acupuncture treatment for victims from Hurrican Harvey @ Houston, Texas ( Sept 23 - 27, 2017)

From September 23 to 27, 2017, our Acupuncturist volunteered and flew up to Houston joining another nonprofit group, Acupuncturists without Borders to provide acupuncture treatments for victims @ American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) located at 9100 Park West Drive, Houston, Texas.

Permaculture Farm (有機農場)(year 2014-2016)

We have a 6-acre farmland in Chehalis, Washington, USA and we plan to build a permaculture farm to educate people how to do farming without chemicals and fertilizer. This way, people can grow food the natural way and minimize pollutions. We plan to grow herbs, fruit trees and vegetables. Also, we want to put up some bee hives to make organic honey and raise healthy bees to work for the Nature.

Moreover, we are looking for a herbalist to join us and guide us through the experiments of using natural herbs as pesticides in farming. When timing is right, we also want to grow some commonly used organic herbs for the health care industry especially for alternative therapists, such as herbalists, acupuncturists and so on.

Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us. Thank you.

Provide a Better Studying Environment for Students in Tibet (為西藏的學生提供一個更好的學習環境) (year 2015)

Many students in Tibet do not have classrooms to study, so, in extremely cold climates, they have to study inside small tents. In 2015, we Provided financial support to build simple classrooms for them and provide them with basic stationeries. 

Turn Deserts back to Green (將沙漠變回綠洲) (ongoing)

As a consequence of human damages to the Nature, we are losing more and more of our green land and, in time, they turn into deserts. To balance the Yin and Yang of the Nature, we plan to grow trees in deserts. From a seed growing into a tree may take ten years or more, but let’s start today, your effort will enable future generations to have a livable place on this Planet. We will start with deserts in California and Nevada. Once we are confident with our methods and skills, we will carry out this mission in more challenging deserts.

Volunteers are Welcome!!! Please sign up and help.